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The friendship has won!

The Training Center of Ecology has spent a competition of school landscaping projects on September, 23rd.It was planned, that the best project will be awarded with the Certificate of Implementation for the landscaping project in the territory of their own school. But, as the 4 projects were interesting and necessary, it was decided to present certificates to four schools.

So, winners of a steel:

  1. Galina Nikolaevna Shishkina, the Teacher of biology of school №147.
  2. Lyudmila Grigorevna Doskovsky, the Teacher of computer science of school №147.
  3. Irina Jurevna Konstantinova, the Teacher of biology of school №162
  4. Gulchehra Gafurovna Salimova, the Teacher of biology of school №150
  5. Svetlana Aleksandrovna Lukjanova, the Teacher of chemistry and biology of school №150
  6. Natalia Petrovna Milunova, the Teacher of biology of school № 50.

The Certificates to the teachers were handed over by Irina Zubkova, the coordinator of the Schoolyard Landscaping Project “On a Visit to the Forest” and Irina Ruzaeva, the chief of department of flora of the Botanical garden.

The Project of the Training Center "On a Visit to the Forest" is supported by the Alcoa Foundation in the framework of the "Ten million trees."


Hello-word of the director of the Training Center - Igor Zubkov

Preparing for the competition

Landscaping project of Irina Konstantinova

Landscaping project of Natalia Milunova

Presentation of certificates

Irina Ruzaeva about rare species of plants

Photo for memory



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