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Essay Competition «Ecological hour» for students

We invite students 1-11 classes for the competition of ecological essays in the framework of the project the "Green City". All participants will receive Certificates, and winners - Diplomas and prizes.

Regulation of Essay Competition «Ecological hour»
among students of 1-11 classes
in the framework of the project «Green city»
by “Training Center for Ecology and Safety”
supported by the Alcoa Foundation.

1. The aim of the Competition - attracting the attention of schoolchildren to environmental problems of the city, upbringing respect for the environment and natural resources, increase ecological awareness and responsibility of young people in environmental issues.

2. Organizer - The Training Center for Ecology and Safety non-governmental organization.

3. Participants of Competition - students of 1-11 classes of general educational schools/grammar schools/lyc?es of a city of Samara.

4. Essay topics

Students can choose one of the proposed order, the essay should be focused on the improvement of habitat and ecosystems.

Directions of the topics:

  1. Specially protected natural territories of the Samara region.
  2. Botanic gardens of the world. Samara Botanic garden.
  3. Pure water – health of the planet and person. Methods of water purification. Memory of water.
  4. Genetically modified products.
  5. The influence of production on the environment of Samara – region, on the example of Alcoa SMZ.

5. Dates of competition

The Competition is open from January 17, 2012.

Works on competition are accepted till April, 16th 2012.

Summing up the results and awarding will take place on April, 20th, 2012 in the office of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety”. Address: Ul. Sovetskoy Armiy, 180/1, office 704, 443090 Samara RF Tel +7 846 2734961

6. Evaluation criteria of an essay

6.1.The urgency of the essay is estimated both in terms of scientific significance and overall importance to the environment and for society:

  • Whether the essay offers new solutions to old problems;
  • Whether the essay combines an ecological and social aspects;
  • Whether the essay promotes an increase of awareness of people about environmental problems.

6.2. Conformity of an essay to the declared theme. Depth study of a problem.

6.3. The degree of creative involvement of students work.

7. Procedure for registration of an essay

7.1. The essay total amount shouldn't exceed 5 pages, including the title page, the summary, the list of references and appendices, the list of references.

7.2. The text should be located on one party of sheet, is printed through an one-and-a-half line spacing, a font usual (not fat, not italics), Times New Roman, 14 size, page parameters: top, bottom, right weeding - 2 sm, the left field - 3 sm.

7.3. The title page should contain the following information: the author's name of work, a name, the second name of the author, an essay theme (according to item 4), № schools, a class, ФИО the supervisor of studies, № phone and (or) e-mail of the author.

8. Prizes and awards

  • The winners will receive Diplomas and prizes.
  • All participants will receive Certificates.
  • Results of Competition will be published on a website of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety” -

9. Competition experts:

Irina Zubkova - deputy director of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety”

Irina Ruzaeva - deputy chief of the department of flora of the Botanic garden

Elena Tsykalo - Head Community & Communications Manager Alcoa SMZ

Igor Karpuhin - the programmer-designer of information resources of the Samara State University

Tatiana Gugueva - the expert in ecological education of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety”

10. Acceptance of works. Contacts

10.1. Essays, that meet the requirements shall be in office of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety”. Address: Ul. Sovetskoy Armiy, 180/1, office 704, 443090 Samara RF Tel +7 846 2734961 or on

10.2. Each work will be stored in an electronic database of the Competition.

10.3. Incorrectly prepared essays will not be accepted.




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