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Let our city be green!

The “Green City”- is a new project of the “Training Center for Ecology and Safety” is supported by the Alcoa Foundation in 2012 year.

The aim of our program is to promote environmental awareness among students from Alcoa partner schools and Alcoa community members through educational seminars and practical environmental activities at natural reservation areas.

In the framework of the project, thirty-five seminars “Ecological hour” will be held for the students of four Alcoa partner schools during the year. Lectures to the students will be read by professional ecologists:employees of the Alcoa SMZ, the Botanical garden, students of the Samara State Technical University (SamGTU).

Making a young generation more responsible and caring about nature a competition of eco-essays between students from 4 Alcoa partner schools will be arranged. All participants will receive Certificates, and winners - Diplomas and prizes.

Will be held on children's Photo Competition "Green City", which culminate in the establishment of open-air mobile photo-exhibition with the same name.

Within the grant period arrange at least 10 outdoor eco-events including planting and cleaning activities in natural conservation areas of Samara region (the National Park 'Samarskaya Luka", the Botanic Garden) and school yards. Their purpose - clearing the territories of garbage, landing of plants and installation of environmental stands. This is will be fixed on the photo before and after the ecological expeditions.

At least 24 students take the initiative of ecological leaders, who will spend “Ecological hours” at the schools for pupils of elementary grades in the autumn of 2012.

Actions on gardening of school territories are planned for September (creation of so-called Eco-Zones and installation of environmental stands ).

At the same time students will interrogate 500residents of the Kirovsky district of Samara on the subject to identify readiness to residents to participate in environmental activities: ”What are you doing for the benefit of the city?”. The results will be published in the press.

The Project Coordinator: Irina Zubkova (846) 273-49-61




Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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