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The botanical garden met school-students from school №162

On September 19th, 2012 in the Samara botanical garden there took place an ecological expedition of pupils from school № 162. 11-graders with the teacher of biology Irina Konstantinova continued works on cleaning of a dry grass a site of steppe flora of a garden, and also landed 50 roots of an iris Siberian – a plant included in the Red book of the Samara region.

Children with pleasure for themselves and advantage for a garden spent time in the open air. After work, Training Center for ecology suited a traditional snack for young volunteers. And Irina Ruzaeva – the head of department of flora of a garden – directing an action, thanked school students for the help.


1. «Rose in the morning, washed, made toilet – and at once order the planet»

2. While Irina Konstantinova plants irises…

3. …pupils improve a site of steppe flora of a garden

4. An Iris Siberian



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