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"What do you do for the benefit of the city?" - Samara students conducted a sociological Poll

Within the program "Green City", which is managed by a Training Center in patronized schools, students in these schools conducted a sociological poll. It was attended by the residents over 18 years of the Kirovsky district of Samara.

Poll purpose: identification of level of readiness of inhabitants to participation in nature protection activity.

Poll was carried out on October 1-20, 2012 by pupils of 147 and 162 schools among 500 residents.

The conclusions were as follows:

  1. Students conducted the poll, showed that the population of the district is confident that the environment of Samara is not the worst in Russia. Most of the respondents (54%) consider the environmental situation normal. And 22% is considered dangerous ecological situation in the city. Good and excellent it was called 21% of the respondents.
  2. Most likely, this is why 20% of respondents do nothing to improve the environment. Still, most participate in subbotniks (54%) and environmental meetings (13%).According to the answer "Other" 9% said that they try to throw garbage in the trash.
  3. Only 9% of the 100 said that if they knew about the case of heavy pollution, do not report it to the authorities.
  4. The question "How to improve the ecological situation in the city?" 54% said that citizens need to monitor their actions. 24% believe that it is necessary to organize more ecological actions and stocks. 21% believe that this issue should be dealt with city officials.

According to the answer "Other" 10% believe that the environmental situation will only get worse and it can not be improved.

Thus, we can conclude that the population of the city is not indifferent to environmental issues. And even if the professional activities of the citizens is not related to the environment, most people try not to disturb the life of the natural environment, and even helps her (in conservation actions involved 58% of respondents).

Unfortunately, quite large and the number of those who are not really paying attention to what is happening around or believes that environmental issues do not concern him (9% did not inform the authorities about the strong environmental pollution if they become witnesses of this.)

That is, environmental education activities must not stop for a minute, its goal should be to reduce the indifference to the environment.




Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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