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Samara - area of "green city"!

Congratulations to all the participants of our environmental educational project "Green City": Alcoa Foundation supported the work on this project in 2013! And welcome to join all those interested in improving the environmental situation in his hometown: the project is open for cooperation.

The aim of our program is to promote environmental awareness among teachers and students from Alcoa partner schools with a view to rehabilitation and conservation of natural urban areas through voluntary actions and long-term school patronage activities on natural monuments. So, we plan to give theoretical knowledge to students and teachers, thus improving their awareness, and to engage them into practical voluntary work, where they will demonstrate acquired knowledge and changing behavior and attitude towards environment and natural problems.

The project will be the training of teachers for additional environmental education program "Environment" (volume of workload 72 hours), after which they will receive a state certificate, which will be an important step in their professional work.

During the year will be organized 20 environmental educational "Eco-hour" seminars for students from four schools partner (№№ 162, 147, 150, 72). covering at least four topics: water, waste management at home, natural area protection, a healthy lifestyle.

To increase the level of awareness and interest of community members in ecological issues and encourage them to participate in environmental activities, a creative children's Comics competition "Save the nature of the city!" between students from 4 Alcoa partner schools will be arranged and uploaded into the regional information portal "Green Samara" as a social advertising.

From May to October 2013 will be organized 10 environmental expeditions to natural areas of the city of Samara in order to plant trees, clean territories, install ten environmental banner-headlines, as well as monitor the progress.

Coordinator: Irina Zubkova
Responsible person: Dmitry Efimov
(846) 273-49-61,




Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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