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“Green City” program: professional development of teachers in the program "Environmental Protection"

Training Centre for Ecology and Safety within the "Green City" project organized free training teachers of biology in the educational program "Environmental Protection". Courses, primarily aimed at forming of teachers' vision for decisions of environmental issues and subsequent report of the knowledge to the students through the learning process and practical environmental activities.

February 19 in the school № 72 intramural part of the course opened by the Deputy Director of the Center Natalia Shventsova with presentation of the project "Green City" and the role of Alcoa in the development of environmental management in the region.

Continued lessons Bela Nikitin, Samara State University Associate Professor, PhD in sociology, vice chairman of the Samara Socio-Ecological Union. Her lectures were presented such a serious thing as an ecological crisis and its manifestations in the modern world, the concept of "resource curse" and its manifestation in the Russian Federation, sustainable lifestyles and implement its principles in modern society, environmental organizations and their role in regional environmental problems in the Samara region. Much attention is called themes, recommended for teaching in biology class: "The concept of the" ecological footprint. " Permaculture: the concept, the authors, the principles. Ecosystem approach and ecosystem services in the organization of agriculture. Not an industrial approach to the population with food. Marikrovka "environmentally friendly" products. Principles of environmentally friendly power. Dietary patterns of the modern population. Typically 10%. Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic food. Diet and lifestyle. Agriculture as a hobby. The ecosystem approach to urban life. Vermiculture and the possibility of its implementation in the urban environment, including students in the educational process. "Sustainable House" and geliotektura: principles of existence and impact on lifestyle. Prospects for the development of the urban environment in Samara: forming a "living" urban development and the problems of its implementation. "

February 20 before the audience was Irina Ruzaeva - Head of Flora botanical garden Samara, PhD. In his lecture, Irina told teachers on the Red Book of plants, the popularization of the scientific activity of the Botanical Gardens, as well as the forms of cooperation the Botanical Garden with the school community.

Upon completion of training, Irina Zubkova, Deputy Director of the Training Centre for Ecology summed up passing the course, commented coursework students on the topic of environmental protection, which are Attestation work for the course and gave teachers a state certificates.

Attended by teachers expressed gratitude for the organization of courses for them and, in turn, is very interested in the project "Green City", in which were trained and initiated their participation in this project, as well as other environmental projects , organized by the Training Center of Ecology and Life.

In training was attended by 50 teachers of the Samara region. The training was organized with the financial support of the Alcoa Foundation.


1. Natalia Shvetsov - about the "Green City " project.

2. Bela Nikitina with a lecture on environmental protection.

3. Irina Ruzaeva about the features of the organization of the Botanical Garden.

4. Irina Zubkova summed up the training.

5. Group photo after receiving the certificates.



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