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“Forests Restoration in Samara region”

“Forests Restoration in Samara region”: volunteers planted the first 2,000 birch trees on the site of burnt wood in the Krasnoyarsky forestry. Thus began the work of the Training Centre for Ecology on reforestation of the Samara region with the financial support of the Alcoa Foundation.

April 13, 2013 was the first voluntary action by planting seedlings of birch trees, the aim of which was to familiarize the volunteers with the technology and features of the forest planting, try and assess their strengths and capabilities. Thank you so much for supporting our initiative and organization of the event leading experienced specialists forestry Samara region: Nadezhda Smirnova - chief forester of the Krasnoyarsky forestry, Vorobiev Alexander — forester of Krasnoyarsky forestry, Makshankinu ??Vladimir, and other masters of Bolshetsarevschinskogo production area "Samarales."

The action was attended by volunteers Alcoa SMZ, Samara State Technical and Aerospace Universities, students of the school number 147 - unchanged partner of our environmental programs over the last 7 years. Bus brought us to the place of work-43 quarter of Bolshetsarevschinskogo forest of Krasnoyarsk forestry. Despite the small number of volunteers because at night the snow fell suddenly, the event was held in a spiritual atmosphere, and we were able to plant nearly 2,000 year-old seedlings of birches!

Fascinating was a master class of foresters: almost all the volunteers for the first time saw the "live" ingenious invention Russian scientist in the field of crop Alexander Kolesov, which got the name - "Sword Kolesov."

This narrow steel shovel - "Sword of Kolesov" for planting seedlings and saplings of forest crops, - says Alexander Vorobyov. - Although the official name of this tool LPL-5, 5, and its weight is five and a half kilograms. This device of Russian inventor successfully used for 130 years, especially in areas where you can not use a heavy machinery. During its long history with the "Sword of Kolesov" planted millions of hectares of new forests around the world.

First of all, "swordsman" drives bayonet spade into the ground at full length. Then, back-and-forth motions forms the planting hole and pulls the sword out of the soil.

Now it's "planter" - patiently explains Alexander. - Accurately, the root is not twisted or curled, dip it into the hole and a little hike up the seedling up. "Swordsman" introduces the sword in the ground next to the slot and the seedling at a distance of 10 cm and click on the tool itself, thereby pinching the bottom of the root. Then, without removing the tool removes the sword from him. We must to do planting very carefully to prevent air from entering the well otherwise the plant will not take root.

To increase the chances of rooting seedling dipped in clay mash, which diluted immediately prior to planting.

So the new-fallen snow was useful: It is important not to miss the moment when the snow came down, but at the same time, the land still retains moisture. Foresters consider lucky if planting in a short period of rain or snow falls that we saw in this time. Additional moisture is conducive to tender sprouts, does not allow the roots to dry and thus contributes to a good survival rate of seedlings.

The volunteers were tired, but were very pleased with the trip: we performed some of the important national objective in the field of protection and regeneration of forests.

“Forests Restoration in Samara region” program is supported by the Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa SMZ volunteers.


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Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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