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"Trees in the City" project: eco-hour in school 150 on "Fundamentals of gardening in the city"

April 26 in school number 150 passed the ecological lessons for eighth-grade students on the topic of "Fundamentals of gardening in the city". This topic is needed to prepare students for the practical arrangements for planting in urban areas, many of which are planned as part of a conservation project of the Training Centre for Ecology "Trees in the city." This is a new project of the Training Center for Ecology and Safety by Program Alcoa Foundation "Ten Million Trees" and American Forests' Global ReLeaf Partnership for Trees.

Visiting the school was Irina Ruzaeva - Head of the flora department of Samara Botanic Garden. Irina showed students a presentation that clearly demonstrated the technique of planting of various shrubs and trees. Moreover, the students learned that green spaces have not only an aesthetic function, but also protect residents from the negative impact of transport routes, as well as absorb dust and various gaseous substances.

End of April - it's time to active planting a variety of plants, and in order to choose the right plant for a particular locality, Irina gave some useful advice. Thus, in order to protect the area from noise should be planted elder, oak, irgu, chestnut, fir. Good ionize the air birch, maple, linden, lilac. Strong bactericidal properties are elm, Tatarian maple, birch, poplar, ash, rowan, wild cherry, various types of conifers.

In "Eco-hour" was attended by 29 students.

The "Trees in the City" project is supported by the Alcoa Foundation and American Forests' Global ReLeaf .


Irina Ruzaeva: "Planting trees in the city it is responsible"



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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