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«Live up, forest!»: the action for monitoring of the project «Forests Restoration in Samara region»

September 23, 2013 in within of the project «Forests Restoration in Samara region» implemented by with the support of the Alcoa Foundation (USA) has been successfully carried out the action to monitor survival of birch seedlings, that were planted in the spring of 2013 in the 43 quarter of the Krasnoyarsky forest forestry. The event is timed to the Russian national campaign "Live forest", initiated by the Federal Forestry Agency (FFA) in October 2012 in order to attract public attention to the problems of conservation, restoration and enhancement of Russian forests.

According to preliminary estimates of specialists of the Krasnoyarsky forestry, survival of seedlings birch, which were planted in the two spring actions, is about 80-85%, which is undoubtedly a very good indicator. Survival rate could be higher, but due to the abnormally hot weather in the summer and due to inadequate rainfall, some birch trees dried up. That is why the main task of all participants in today's action was to go on spring planting furrow, find dead seedlings and plant them with new, strong trees.

At this time, the volunteers were students of the first and fourth years of the Samara State Technical University. 40-minute bus ride was interesting: Irina Zubkova, Deputy Director of Training Center, told the participants of the international Alcoa Foundation and its support of environmental programs in Russia, about the project «Forests Restoration in Samara region» and his achievements, including how is reforestation and using which technologies and tools.

The monitoring action, as the two previous, began with a briefing on the techniques of forest plantations, which was conducted by Nadezhda Smirnova - Chief Forester of the Krasnoyarsky forestry. After that, all participants of the action with enthusiasm took the tools and birch seedlings that have already been prepared for planting: roots were carefully plastered with clay. Plant needed special tools - swords Kolesov, they are a total of 25 pieces were purchased by Training Center during the first action and then were transferred to Krasnoyarsky forestry. All participants are eager to work quickly, because the weather is not going to be a sunny long time.

Volunteers performed the task as "excellent": almost 1,000 seedlings were planted instead of dried. And the total number of our planted and to take birch estimated at 15,000 on more than 3 acres.

Closing of the monitoring actions was accompanied by heavy rain, which turned out to be fitting: all the seedlings have already been planted, and now watered.

Due to a rain coffee break was moved to the bus. There's also discussed the results of the action and shared their impressions of it.

The action was attended by 28 people: 20 students SamGTU, 2 representatives of Training Center, 5 employees of the Krasnoyarsky forestry, 1 worker GBU "Samarales."

Training Center thanks all the volunteers of the project, and invited to participate in our other environmental initiatives, and believes that an example of responsibility and respect for nature, what action participants showed, have a positive impact both on the particular person, and the world community as a whole.

“Forests Restoration in Samara region” program is supported by the Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa SMZ volunteers.


1. Discuss organizational issues and We plan work

2. Forestry experts demonstrate techniques forest planting

3. Monitoring of plantings: assess the living trees

4. We planted to the place of the dead birch new tree



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