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Project "Revival of the Burned Forest": forest plantation with the help of volunteers will continue!

September 28, 2013 Training Center for Ecology launched a new environmental project "Revival of the Burned Forest", which is being implemented with the support Alcoa Foundation’s and American Forests’ Global ReLeaf Partnership for Trees. The Partnership for Trees is part of Alcoa Foundation’s renewed commitment to its "Ten Million Trees" Campaign and American Forests’ Global ReLeaf program’s commitment to engage communities and restore the health of ecosystems through tree planting. The starting point of the project was the environmental action of planting 6000 trees in the 72 quarters of the Krasnoyarsk district forestry, 25 km from the administrative border of the metropolis.

Place for the action was not chosen by chance. In the summer of 2010 at this place has raged strongest forest fires, which destroyed huge size of the forest area. These areas are not able to recover on their own and need help. This assistance was rendered by volunteers on the day of action.

Total in action involved 58 people: volunteers "Alcoa SMZ", pupils of school № 147 with led by their permanent leader - biology teacher Galina Shishkina, and staff of the Krasnoyarsky Forestry. We thank Nadezhda Smirnova - the chief of the Krasnoyarsky Forestry, for their help in organizing the event.

The weather that day was rainy and cool. However, for planting trees it is the ideal conditions: moist soils in combination with moist air. And put in a land with a special tool for planting forests - "Sword of Kolesov", much easier.

In the bus, specially commissioned for this action, Irina Zubkova, Deputy Director of the Training Center for Ecology, spoke about the technology of landings with tool - Russian invention forester Alexander Kolesov. Sword he called for the similarity shape, it is so narrow sharp shovel is indispensable for the planting of trees in remote places, and planted in furrows allows very fast. Was told about the problems of Samara forests and that volunteers can do. About how it's done in other countries on the example of American Forests - the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the U.S., serving the protection and expansion of forests not only in America, but worldwide.

At the end of the path to embolden participants of the action and configured to active, Natalia Shvetsova held fun familiarity and environmental contests with the original prizes for the winners.

On a place work for the volunteers were prepared all the necessary tools for planting forests - "Swords Kolesov" shovels, buckets, 4,000 pine seedlings and 2,000 saplings ash tree. Specialists of Krasnoyarsky forestry conducted a Master-class about working with "the Sword of Kolesov" and then had a few hours of productive work.

Despite the inclement weather and a large amount of seedlings, volunteers the task fulfilled. Participants of the action were planted 15 rows of pine and 8 rows of ash tree, which translated into the area was a hectare!

Forestry staff thanked the volunteers for their help and invited them to take part in the monitoring conducted landings and new actions in the spring of next year.


1. Irina Zubkova spoke about a new environmental project "Revival of the Burned Forest"

2. Meet-Contests in the bus: now we united team with a great mood!

3. Forward, restore the forest!

4. Young environmentalists school № 147

5. Specialists of Krasnoyarsky forestry conducted a Master-class about working with "the Sword of Kolesov"

6. Grouped in pairs: one "Swordsman" and one "planter."

7. In the process of work. Even the rain did not spoil the mood!

8. Two rows of ash tree interspersed with 5 rows of pine trees.

9. Worked perfectly. Join now!



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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