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Press Conference: Volunteers restores forests

October 2, 2013 at 11:00 in the House Journalists Samara held a press conference on the theme: "The international community supports the reforestation of the Samara region". Information events were the results of two environmental projects - "Forests Restoration in Samara region" and "Revival of the Burned Forest ", performed with the financial support of the Alcoa Foundation and "American Forests" (USA).

The purpose of the Press-conference: to attract public attention to the problems of the current state of forests Samara region, to focus on the anthropogenic factor as the main cause of forest fires, to show the ways and methods of real participation of volunteers in reforestation.

Leading members of the Press-conference:

  • Tanzilya Agliulina - the head of the press service of the Samara regional branch of the Union of Russian Journalists;
  • Igor Zubkov - Director of the Non-Governmental Educational Organization “Training Center for Ecology and Safety” and his deputy - Irina Zubkova;
  • Nadezhda Smirnova - chief forester of the Krasnoyarsky forestry;
  • Vladimir Samarkin - Head of Governance of the conservation, protection and regeneration of forests of the Ministry of Forestry, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Samara region.

Representatives of the media: TRK "Guberniya", TC "Samara-GIS", "Dialog TV", Autoradio "Samara", newspaper "Social newspaper", newspaper "Volga commune," Internet portal "RegionSamara", Internet portal "Dawn-info ".

A Press-conference has shown a presentation on the progress and results of the projects of reforestation by volunteers as part of an international program of Alcoa Foundation "Ten million trees". Irina Zubkova marked the prospects for the continuation of this work.

The work was highly appreciated by experts and the Krasnoyarsky forestry and by Head of Governance of the conservation, protection and regeneration of forests of the Ministry of Forestry, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Samara region Vladimir Samarkin: "I, as a representative of the Ministry would like to thank the organization and all the citizens, who participated in these actions".

21,000 birch trees planted by volunteers in Samara in spring and autumn 2013 in Krasnoyarsky forestry of the Samara region on the location of the forest affected by fires 2006-2010. Such large-scale planting was made possible thanks to the support of reforestation initiatives of the Training Center for Ecology by international organizations - Alcoa Foundation and the American Forest (USA).

In the spring of 2013 two large-scale actions to afforest ( birch saplings ) started our joint project with Alcoa Foundation "Forests Restoration in Samara region". Third action 23 September, was monitoring its outcome: total area of ??more than 3 hectares of burnt wood Samara 105 volunteers planted and has taken root to 15,000 seedlings birches. For the employees of the Krasnoyarsky forestry was purchased and transferred 25 of "swords Kolesov" , 15 shovels and 25 buckets, what they truly were happy - in the planting season is never enough tool …

On behalf of the Training Center would like to thank all the volunteers ( more than 70!) who decided weekends to devote to such a noble cause as planting new forests in place of burnt wood of previous years. This volunteers of Alcoa "Samara Metallurgical Plant", the students of the Samara State Aerospace and Technical universities, students of school number 147, 162, 133, 38, teen club "Comrade" of the Center of Children's Creativity "Metallurg".

And special thanks and thank you for the organizational help Nadezhda Smirnova - chief forester of the Krasnoyarsky forestry, and all the employees of the forest, who helped and supervised our work. In forestry our volunteers has always welcomed with joy and gratitude, and the members of events are happy communicating with nature and proud of real help.

It should be noted that the work on forest restoration and maintenance of forest plantations by volunteers - school children, students, and residents of Samara Region, Training Center will necessarily go on and on - this is our real contribution to the restoration of natural areas of the Samara region, we always rely on their own funds but any sponsorship will do the job of a larger and significant.

With this project we want to not only provide real and necessary help in the reconstruction of the burnt forest, but also to form caring attitude of people to nature. Seen the burned forest - is powerful means for understanding the vulnerability of natural systems and their interactions with human activities.

Alcoa Foundation is one of the largest corporate foundations in the U.S., with assets of approximately $460 million. Founded 60 years ago, Alcoa Foundation has invested more than $570 million since 1952. In 2012, Alcoa Foundation contributed more than $21 million to nonprofit organizations throughout the world, building innovative partnerships to improve the environment and educate tomorrow's leaders for careers in manufacturing and engineering. The work of Alcoa Foundation is further enhanced by Alcoa's thousands of employee volunteers who share their talents and time to make a difference in the communities where Alcoa operates. Through the Company's signature Month of Service program, in 2012, a record 60 percent of Alcoa employees took part in more than 1,050 events across 24 countries, benefiting more than 450,000 people and 2,050 nonprofit organizations. For more information, visit and follow @AlcoaFoundation on Twitter.

American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the country, advocates for the protection and expansion of America’s forests. “Since 1990, we have planted more than 40 million trees. We restore watersheds to help provide clean drinking water. We replant forests destroyed by human action and by natural disasters. We explain that ecological services from trees and forests have real economic value. We work in and advocate for federal, state, and urban forests, and sometimes our work takes us beyond US borders”. For more information visit

Training Center for Ecology and Safety - non-profit educational organization, the first in Samara and now leading the training of specialists of enterprises of the Volga and other regions of Russia for state environmental programs at all levels. The main goal - environmental education in order to preserve the natural environment for living and sustainable development of the Samara region. Since 2006 - the initiator of more than 30 environmental projects, which successfully implemented in schools and universities of the city, half of whom received the approval and financial support of the Alcoa Foundation. The total number of people covered by the environmental activities of the Training Center by the end of 2012 amounted to more than 4,600. Of these, 3,150 volunteers - the direct participants in environmental programs and environmental actions. Detailed information on our sites and

Coordinator of the Project:
Irina Zubkova, Deputy Director for Research and Development of "Training Center for Ecology and Safety"
Tel.: +7 846 273 49 61
Fax: +7 846 200 02 54
Mob: +7 917 814 03 22


1. Words of gratitude from the Ministry of Forestry in the person Vladimir Samarkin (from left to right: I.Zubkova, I.Zubkov, V.Samarskin, T.Agliulina, N.Smirnova)

2. Project results are presented in the presentation

3. Nadezhda Smirnova is invites for volunteers for new environmental actions



Environmental Project "Protecting the Eco-system of the Samara River" is performed with the support of Arconic Foundation more>>>

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