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The Training Center for Ecology and Safety

The Training Center for Ecology and Safety was established in July 2004 and was licensed in September 2004 by the Samara Region Ministry of Education and Science (License Series А No. 060934, dated September 3rd, 2004) to carry out advance training and educational activities on professional courses “Handling with Hazardous Wastes” and “Conservation and Environmental Safety “.

Basic targets:

  • To improve professional knowledge and skills of specialists, to develop professional and business qualifications, to prepare specialists to carry out innovative operational functions.
  • To contribute to education of population on Conservation, Environment, Health and Safety.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle.

Advance training and professional courses developed and implemented by the Training Center for Ecology and Safety enable to obtain new prospective specialties, improve hand-on experience and improve professional qualification.

The Center has a class-room and good training facilities. Lectures and workshops are given by senior lectures from Samara universities, principal specialists and experts from state authorities and by professional practitioners.

The Center’s Education and Methodics Department develops and annually updates training manuals on discs.

Course leavers are provided with free consultations on learned subjects during the whole year. They are awarded with state-recognized diplomas and certificates upon finishing their studies.

A Formal Education Department was established in September 2006. Its main function is to involve middle school students to environmental projects and community activities and to promote ecological approaches among young people.

Since 2007 began international Polish-Czech line of our courses, where you can get training on all our programs. Pupils have an international and Russian documents of professional development after a successful appraisal.

In 2008, the national park "Samarskaya Luka" and Centr was signed Agreement on cooperation and joint activities in order to create conditions for regulated tourism in the Park and support environmental education activities. Representation of the National Park began work at the Center.

The Training Center for Ecology and Safety non-governmental organization has been participating in the Alcoa Foundation Program on Sustainability and Conservation “We are in charge of the future” as a participant and a grant winner since 2007. From 2007 till 2010 the Training Center for Ecology and Safety non-governmental organization developed and successfully implemented 7 environmental community projects with the engagement of school students from Alcoa partner schools, and it conducted 9 voluntary environmental actions, which involved more than 2,400 volunteers, including over 300 Alcoa SMZ employees.

In total in 2017 we organized and successfully carried out 28 ecological environmental projects with the participation of 8,500 volunteers of the Samara region.

It should be noted that our conservation projects always found understanding in the field of environmental structures and supported by: the Ministry of natural resources, forestry and environmental protection of the Samara Region, Office of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources of the Samara region, the Department of Forestry and the Ministry of Education and Science of Samara region.

Наши грамоты

Igor Zubkov
Director Igor Zubkov

Born 12.6.1966, education - higher education: in 1989 graduated Kuybyshevskiy Aviation Institute and in the course of 6 at the invitation of the Ministry of Education is trained in Moscow at the courses "Foreign economic activity". In 1990 he created the company "Stalker" which specialized in new technologies, metalworking, woodworking, wholesale; Number of staff - 87 people. In 1994 he opened a new direction for the creation of business plans at the request of enterprises. In 1997 he organized a studio of digital image processing. In 2001 he was invited to the post of Director of the Regional Club of Ecology, where he created an open negotiating platform for participants interested in environmental problems - from large industrial companies in the region such as the "AVTOVAZ" and to public environmental organizations and individuals. While working at the club in 2004, he organized the non-governmental educational organization "Training Center for Ecology and Safety", where he is director until now. He is a graduate of International Courses for environmental NGOs Leaders "Leadership for Environment and Development", and also the international program «Open World-2006". He has Letters of Gratitude from ecological structures of the Samara region.

Deputy Director of Science and Development
Irina Zubkova
Irina Zubkova

Born 21.1.1966, education - higher education: in 1990 she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology of the Samara State University, where she led a group of "Movie-Photo" of student's Union of Nature Protection. 1990-1996 she worked as a research assistant of the scientific department of the state natural national park "Samarskaya Luka" and participated in the inventory of valuable natural objects of the Samara region. Since 1994 she is an employee Baytuganskoy biological station and co-author of the state natural landscape reserve of federal importance "Baytugan" (Samara region.), 34 projects of natural monuments of national and regional importance in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Samara and Orenburg regions. In 1997-1998 she was responsible executor of the project "Dissemination of experience and results about the preservation of the natural heritage of the central part of the Volga-Ural region" (ROLL). 1997-2003 she was the coordinator of the regional public organization "Centre of " Volga-Ural Ecological Network ". Since 2004 she is an ecologist of the Regional Club of Ecology. From 2006 to the present time she is Deputy Director of Science and Development of the non-governmental educational organization "Training Center for Ecology and Safety" and coordinator of environmental projects. She is a graduate of international program «Open World-2002". She has Letters of Gratitude from ecological structures of the Samara region.

Leading Specialist
Natalya Kulagina
Natalya Kulagina

Born 25.6.1965, education - higher. In 1983 she graduated from Magadan medical college and worked in the laboratory of the Magadan Regional Hospital. In 2008 he graduated from the Russian State Social University with a degree in Business Management. Since 2013, she's leading specialist of the non-governmental educational organization "Training Center for Ecology and Safety".

Ecological education specialist
Irina Belova
Irina Belova

Born 17.8.1984, education - higher education: in 2004, she graduated from Ural College "Oil, gas and industrial technologies". In 2008 she graduated from the West Kazakhstan Engineering University for the Humanities. Since 2013, she's ecological education specialist of the non-governmental educational organization "Training Center for Ecology and Safety". In 2015 she graduated from the Master's Program in "Technosphere safety".

Ekaterina Balakina
Ekaterina Balakina

Born 30.8.1984, education - higher education: in 2006, she graduated from the Faculty of preschool pedagogy and psychology of Moscow City Pedagogical University (Samara branch). 2007-2013, she worked in the Municipal preschool educational institutions of the city of Samara. She has a Diploma of the All-Russian Internet-pedagogical creativity contest and certificate publishing. Since 2015, she's methodist of the non-governmental educational organization "Training Center for Ecology and Safety".

In the classroom
In the classroom
In the classroom
In the classroom




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