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Courses of the Educational Center give the chance to receive new perspective specialities, to improve practical skills, to raise professional qualification.

Lectures are read by lectors of HIGH SCHOOLS, leading experts of public services, professionals-practice.

By methodical department of the Center at each course are developed, manuals in printing and on a compact disc. They are annually supplemented and republished.

Graduates of courses within a year use free consultations on the studied disciplines.

Upon termination of training certificates and the certificates of the state sample operating in all territory of the Russian Federation stand out.

The educational Center constantly conducts work on creation of new courses of additional education. Courses for the fans of aqarium small fishes, ecological tourism are already ready to opening. From the beginning of 2007 training of experts of the enterprises for courses of improvement of qualification "Work with mercury and mercuryconsists substances" and "Certification of system of ecological management under the international standards of series ISO 14000" is planned. There is begun very interesting project on creation of courses "Ecology of dwelling and interior design" in which among the other the series of lectures on a phytodesign and floristics will be included.



«Сохраним заповедные Мастрюковские озера: кто если не мы» - новый проект Учебного центра, победивший в конкурсе грантов Президента Российской Федерации на развитие гражданского общества.

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