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Advance Training Program on Conservation

Industrial and Consumption Waste Management
Hazardous Waste Operations

In accordance with the RF laws No. 7 “About Environment” and No. 89 “About Industrial and Consumption Wastes”, managers and specialists responsible for decision making in industrial operations affecting the environment (including specialists responsible for hazardous waste operations) should have been properly trained and warded with special qualification certificates.

Our Training Center is the first educational establishment in Samara (main city of the Middle Volga Federal District), Russian Federation, which has started to educate top managers and specialists from industrial enterprises on state educational program “Hazardous Waste Operations”.

The course curriculum complies with the Professional Training Program, which was agreed with the RF Ministry of Natural Resources (order No. 868 dated December 18, 2002) and gives the right to operate with hazardous wastes.

For the time being over thousand top managers and specialists from industrial enterprises of the Volga River Federal District has been trained by the Center on hazardous waste operations. The internal-and-evening form of courses enables to have in-service training with full-time job engagement. Evening classes include lectures and seminars, which are given by leading specialists from the Samara Region Ministry of Natural Resources, lecturers from Samara State Technical University, Samara State University, Samara State Economy Academy, as well as by professionals from the Samara city environmental prosecutor’s office, specialists from the Research Center of Environmental Audit. Each student is provided with a study guide containing regulatory and legislative documents on industrial and domestic consumption waste operations and management.

The Training Center organizes also three-day courses with the on-job training. Minimum number of students is 25 people per group.


Time of training course: 112 academic hours.
Form of training course: evening classes.
No. Subjects Hours total Hours on-site Form of control
1. Environmental issues of waste management in Russia.
System of the RF government environmental regulations on waste management:
  • RF federal laws on waste management;
  • Samara Region laws on waste management;
  • Russian international obligations in the field of regulation of waste operations.

Basic requirements on waste management for individual entrepreneurs and businesses.
16 4 Test
2. Hazardous waste operations.
Kinds of wastes. Hazardous properties. Hazardous impacts of wastes on environment (environmental toxicity). 
Certification of hazardous wastes. 
Hazardous waste management and emergency response. 
System of waste environmentally safe management in hospitals and medical-and-treatment centers.
18 10 Test
3. Licensing of waste operations.
License requirements and regulations. 
Feasibility study for hazardous waste operations. 
Licensing procedure for hazardous waste operations.
10 4 Test
4. Regulatory actions in the field of industrial and consumption waste management.
Guidelines on development of standards and limits of waste generation and disposal. Rating of waste generation. Limits of waste disposal. 
Norms of maximum permissible negative impacts.
18 10 Test
5. Communications on hazardous waste operations.
State cadastre of wastes. Federal classification catalogue of wastes. State registry of places to dispose wastes. Waste and technology data bank for waste treatment. Accounting in waste treatment. 
Software and communications on hazardous waste treatment.
10 8 Test
6. Economical mechanisms to control waste operations.
Fees for waste disposal. Environmental taxes. 
Insurance in waste management. Environmental damages in waste treatment. Environmental audit in waste management system.
8 4 Test
7. Governmental environmental control in the field of waste management.
Rights and responsibilities of individual entrepreneurs and businesses within the state control system.
4 2 Test
8. Waste disposal and neutralization.
Processing technologies. Use and neutralization of wastes from galvanic, metallurgical and power businesses, accumulators and used tires.
8 8 Test
9. Issues of water utilization and subsurface resources management, air contamination.
Natural and anthropogenic contamination of water. Licensing of water and subsurface resources. Atmosphere contamination. Permits for emissions. Standard rated fees.
2 2 Test
10. Transportation of hazardous wastes.
Transportation requirements. Trans-boundary movement of hazardous wastes.
4 2 Test
11. Household waste management.
Household waste management system in RF entities, municipal entities, industrial businesses. Household waste selective management.
4 4 Test
12. Laboratory and analytical activities in waste operations.
Environmental monitoring of waste disposal facilities. Methods and means of assessment of waste impacts on the environment. 
Lab requirements and analytical researches of wastes, biotesting of waste water extracts.
6 6 Test
13. Design and operation of landfills.
Design and construction of landfills. Environmental project assessment. Operation of landfills.
4 4 Exam
  Total: 112 30  



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