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Advance Training Program on Conservation

Ecology and Environmental Conservation

The Ecology and Environmental Conservation program has been developed by the Training Center for Ecology and Safety on special request of the Samara Region Ministry of Nature Resources. It provides advance training and additional professional education for managers and specialists of governmental authorities, and for managers of environmental services of industrial enterprises.

Lectures are given by leading specialists of the Samara Region Ministry of Natural Resources, experts of the Samara City Environmental Prosecutor’s Office and by senior lectures of Samara universities.

The program was launched on October 2006. Due to its highly professional level and practical value it proved that the subject had been very popular through middle-level specialists and top managers of environmental services. Municipal and regional administration authorities were even more interested in the program since their specialists had no even time to adapt to frequently changing environmental laws and regulations. The program provides a legislative basis to learn rights, responsibilities and obligations of local environmental departments.


Time of training course: 72 academic hours.
Form of training course: evening classes.
No. Subjects Hours total Hours on-site Form of control
1. Global environmental issues and their dynamic development. Environmental issues and solving opportunities. International treaties: Kyoto Protocol and opportunities for regional and local administration involvement. Joint events and activities in Russia. 6 2 Test
2. Efficient management of natural resources as a basis for sustainability of regional economic development. Optimization of natural resources to stabilize biospheric processes and use natural resources on a long-tem basis. Protection of biological diversity and recreation of natural resources. 12 4 Test
3. System of natural reserve areas in the Samara Region. Environmental monitoring. 8 2 Test
4. Economy of natural resource management. Natural resource opportunities as a factor for industrial development. Method of economical regulation on conservation. Penalties for negative impacts on environment. 12 6 Test
5. Environmental laws and regulations. International, federal and regional legislations. Responsibilities against law violation. 10 4 Test
6. Management of natural resources. Federal system of management of natural resources and environmental conservation in the RF, Samara Region and the city of Samara. Territorial approach in natural resource management. Environmental opportunities of local areas. Systematic analysis and structuring of environmental issues. System of environmental management in a municipal entity. Problems and solution of usage of exhausted resources. International standards. Environmental audit. 14 6 Test
7. Federal control system in environmental conservation. Protection of rights of legal entities and individuals during the federal control made by federal executive bodies and the RF entities executive bodies. Municipal environmental control. 10 6 Test
  TOTAL: 72 30  



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